Shortcode Buttons


  1. Examples have added space after and before square brackets ‘[ ]’ to deactivate for visual display here.
  2. Button text color, background color, and border can be customized by adding:
    • target=”window” – ie target=”_self”.  Additional options are _blank (_blank opens new window or tab, _self refreshes current window or tab with new content).


Teal Button
[ dl-buttonTeal link= ]Button Label[ /dl-buttonTeal ]

[dl-buttonTeal link=””]Button Label[/dl-buttonTeal]

Download PDF Button
[ downloadPDF link=”http://link-to-pdf-file.pdf” target=”_blank” /]
[downloadPDF link=”” target=”_blank” /]

With file name
[ downloadPDF link=”” target=”_blank” ] “Seller Tips” [ /downloadPDF ]
[downloadPDF link=”” target=”_blank”] “Seller Tips” [/downloadPDF]

Orange Button
[ dl-buttonOrange link=”” ]Button Label[ /dl-buttonOrange ]

[dl-buttonOrange link=””]Button Label[/dl-buttonOrange]

Virtual Tour Button

[ vTour link=”″ ]

[vTour link=”″]

Weather Widget Shortcode and Parameters

[ awesome-weather location=”Cambria” units=”F”  override_title=”Cambria Weather” forecast_days=”5″ hide_stats=”0″ background=”http://urltoanimage.jpg” custom_bg_color=”#174A59″ inline_style=”width: 99%; padding: 14px; margin: 20px 0; color: #EC894D; background-color: #174A59;” background_by_weather=”0″ ]